Hustopečsko is an ideal place for cycling. It is an admirable region. In one day you can admire the fertile fields and vineyards in the lowlands and soon afterwards stay in the woods and climb up the steep hills with magnificent views of the countryside. We can also rent bicycles for small and large cyclists.

County André

On the route Hustopeče – Starovičky – Velké Pavlovice – Bořetice – Vrbice you will know not only the winery in the Velké Pavlovice region, but also the best vineyard of the region and the monuments that have shaped its history for centuries. The wine exhibition in the Renaissance House U Synků in Hustopeče bears witness to the glorious past of the medieval bastion of the Moravian winery,

the viewpoint above Starovičky offers panoramic views of the Pavlov Hills and the Nové Mlýny Reservoirs. The center of the area is a showcase of unique cellar architecture buildings offering year-round wine tourism programs. Every year thousands of wine lovers welcome cycling events, open cellars and competition wine exhibitions in Velké Pavlovice at traditional festivities of Haná Slovácko. The independent wine-growing village of Kraví Hora and the wine-inspired recession adorn the neighboring Bořetice, the ancient Vrbice spread on a plateau below the Stráž hill has been the place of the highest quality red wines in Moravia in the last decade.

Length 18.6 km
Total elevation 160 m
Suitable for: Cyclists
Difficulty of the route: Intermediate tourist

Blue mountains

The 31 km long cycling and walking trail Blue Mountains is a tourist part of the wine project, which was founded by Professor Vilém Kraus. He put his confession to the region whose vineyard hillsides give the summer morning and grape berries a blue color in the autumn:

“The five stars of Moravian wine-growing villages, headed by the town of Velké Pavlovice, have long been known for their red wines from sloping vineyard locations spread out in a wavy landscape. slopes around human settlements in the shape of fields, orchards, vineyards and forests. A random pilgrim passes through the imaginary fingers and syllables their names as they read the joy of the touch of a child’s hand: Velké Pavlovice, Němčičky, Bořetice, Kobylí and Vrbice.

Length 20 km
Total elevation 600 m
Target group: Young
Suitable for: Hikers
Difficulty of the route: Intermediate tourist

Moravská vinná

The Moravian Wine Trail passes through the town of Hustopeče. We can get to Klobouky u Brna or Palava Hills. It is up to us whether we set out across the Nové Mlýny reservoirs and admire the beautiful panorama of Pálava, or take a walk through the vineyards and watch the sunset through the vineyards.

The length of the route is 290 km
Target group: Adults without children
Suitable for: Cyclists
Difficulty of the route: Tourist pro

Cycling route around ATC Merkur

The route passes through the popular recreation area Pasohlávky and leads around the upper and middle reservoirs of the Nové Mlýny dam. It is a popular local route with a low degree of difficulty, leading on paved and unpaved roads, parts of the busy E561. It is suitable for trekking and mountain bikes. The route is connected to a wide network of other cycling routes, which allows planning trips according to the difficulty and thematic focus of the surroundings, including the neighboring Austrian region.

Through landscapes to the Lednice-Valtice area

For more active cyclists we have prepared a route in flat terrain across natural and cultural monuments to the Lednice-Valtice area and back.

The route measures 66km back and forth and it is rather a day-long bike trip through the nature trails around ponds and cultural monuments to Valtice Castle. The route starts along the dam of Nové Mlýny through the lookout tower in Zaječí on Přítlucká hora, from where you can see the very destination of the route. From Přítlucká Mountain leads to Rakvice and then through nature around Kutnar Lake and Flower Lake to Lednice-Valtice area, where you can see not only the newly renovated Lednice chateau with a greenhouse and park, but also Minaret, John’s Castle, Hunting lodge etc. continues through the countryside near the Pond Chateau over Lednice ponds, from where it is not far to the unique buildings of the Zv. Temple of Apollo and At the Three Graces. On the way to the Valtice Castle you can stop and relax at Rendez-vous vol. Diana’s Temple or behind the Laden Alley at Belvedere Castle.

Route length 66 km
Difficulty of the route: Advanced tourist

Around the water and after the wineries

This undemanding route in the flat terrain around the Nové Mlýny dam, vineyards under Pálava and the wine-growing architecture of the local region is recommended not only for demanding but also recreational cyclists and families with children.

On the route Starovičky – šakvice – Zaječí – Pavlov – Strachotín – Popice – Starovičky 38 km long you will see a large water reservoir “New Mills”, the sun-hot Pavlov Hills, as well as the architecture of local picturesque villages with vineyards and cellars. Among the most attractive and interesting gems of wine architecture you will see on the outskirts of Zaječí family Winery under the chapel from where there is a beautiful view not only from the new lookout tower, local ponds, Pálava and wide surroundings (Lednice-Valtice area, Dukovany …) . In the village of Popice on the southern slopes between the vineyards, one cannot overlook the modern buildings of the newly established Sonberk and Gotberg wineries, which invite you to sit with a glass of wine and relax in the middle of the vineyards overlooking the countryside. The route also includes Winery Zaječí, small small wineries in the village of Dolní Věstonice and Strachotín. Photos from the route can be viewed in the section photogallery-surroundings.

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